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Monday, September 9, 2013

"Magic Mouthwash"

Fall is almost here, and along with the changing season, it seems people tend to have their allergies act up, or the flu & cold season sets in. Unfortunately, it seems I'm ahead of schedule. I started to get a cough last week. With coworkers telling me they've heard a lot of people having their allergies bothering them recently, I dismissed it as that. But by Saturday, I was coughing and hacking so badly that it was causing my head to throb and straining the back of my neck. 

My congestion was so deep in my chest that it was almost like "coughing attacks" to clear it. However, the more I would cough, the more my head & throat would hurt, causing a tickle in my throat to make me cough more. It seemed to be a never-ending, vicious circle. 

Except, once I used Heather's advice on, I was actually able to relax long enough to let me sleep through the night without waking my hubby up to a cough attack. She says it's great for a sore throat and even mouth sores! Granted, since my cough was so extreme, it didn't heal it completely, but it definitely helped give me the relief I needed! It literally coated and numbed my throat to relieve the itchy, scratchy sensations, giving my coughing fits a break. 

All you have to do is gargle with a mixture of equal parts Milk of Magnesia {or Maalox}, and Children's Benedryl (I used the generic Target version).

I gargled with very warm salt water first, then followed it by gargling the "Magic Mouthwash" mixture, and swallowing about 1/3 of it, so it could coat my throat going down.
It did burn at the back of my throat for awhile, but it was still much better than having the irritation there instead.

"Magic Mouthwash"

1 part Milk of Magnesia (or Maalox)
1 part Children's Benedryl

*Please keep in mind that I'm not a doctor, and I don't pretend to be. Be sure to read labels carefully before using this mixture, or swallowing anything! Don't use more than recommended, and be cautious if using with children! Please, be careful, and consult with your physician.

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