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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Scratch Offs

With Valentine's Day approaching quickly, I knew I had to get going on my gift for my hubby. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I had a few ideas on my mind. I finished one part of it today. (I'm hoping the other part of the gift will work tomorrow.) I wanted to get him something a little different this year and decided to do my own romantic scratch offs.

I've seen a few versions of making scratch offs using liquid washing soap and metallic acrylic paint. Although it wasn't metallic, I did have acrylic paint so I did a few tests to see what ratio of paint and soap worked best. I'll give you what worked for me, but you may want to do a test of your own before actually making your scratch offs.

Start by deciding what you want your cards to look like. You can print them on the computer or decorate them yourself like I did. I realize they look very simple and definitely "homemade", but at least it looks like I put some thought into it, right? I used heavy paper and permanent markers to get the look. 

(Try to ignore the fact that my L's look like Z's! So much for me trying to write "fancy"!)

Write your prizes in, then cover it with scotch tape or contact paper. 

Mixing your ratios of soap and paint, carefully paint a coat over the prize. I used 1 part original blue Dawn dish soap and 2 parts acrylic paint. (For more authentic looking scratch offs, use metallic acrylic paint.)

(Don't worry, there is plastic wrap on the counter.)

Once dried, you may need to apply another layer until the writing is no longer visible. 
(They are still wet in this picture.)

Once dried, you're ready to give it to your love along with a lucky penny!

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