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Friday, August 21, 2015

Homemade Strawberry "Ice cream"

Finding simple, quick recipes is my goal right now. Something cheap and yummy, but tastes good. While scrolling through Facebook, I saw this idea. Three ingredients?  That sounds quick and cheap.  Deciding to try it didn't take too much of an effort as it said strawberries and ice cream and, did I mention, three ingredients!
This is a great snack to prepare with kids. Mine happens to be 30 something and 6 feet tall, but he's my kid. ;)
So grab your few ingredients and make yourself a treat!

Thank you!

Homemade Strawberry "Ice cream"

1 pound of cleaned strawberries
1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
16 oz of cold heavy whipping cream

This recipe is so easy, you can probably tell what to do by my "fabulous" pictures. ;) But just in case you need a little direction, here you go:

1. Set a few strawberries aside for decoration.
2. Mash the rest and set aside. I used fresh strawberries and left all the juice for flavor.
3. In a mixer, add your whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk and blend until stiff peaks. 
4. Pour in a container of your choice.
5. Garnish and freeze.
3- 4 hours you'll have "soft serve"
4-6 hours you'll obviously have "not soft serve"


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