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Friday, September 18, 2015

Burlap Wreath!

I am extremely excited to share that my husband and I bought a house yesterday!  Fun story...In our purchase agreement, the owners asked for additional time past closing since we put an offer in not long after they put the house on the market. After all negotiations had been had, it was determined that they would get an additional 30 days once we signed the paper work. We were fine with it. They were fine with it. All hunky dory! Well, more exciting news. After signing the papers, they informed us that they had already found a place and should be out this weekend, leaving us 4 days to pack. Mind you, we have only just begun throwing some stuff in boxes, thinking we were getting ahead of the curve. Be prepared. This will be a breeze we said. Ha!  
Anyway, we came home from work all determined to get a bunch packed. Unfortunately, my husband had to run in to work- disaster averted, but he was gone the majority of the night, leaving me to pack alone. Unmotivated as I was, I found myself stalling. After finally convincing myself I had to do something, I packed both bathrooms. Don't worry, I left necessities. Then I remembered I had to do my post. So, telling myself I will be very motivated's coming on the weekend...we have plenty of time...I decided to finish my first house project and do my post! 
I WILL be motivated tomorrow!

Now, as for the project, I am not going to give step by step only because I tried following the ones I saw online and I just started to get frustrated. I will tell you some things I found helpful.  Also, buy a lot of burlap. I went through much more than I thought I would. The other piece of advice is to twist the ribbon before starting your next loop. 

Quick tutorial:

1. Gather your supplies. 
2. Paint letter. Set aside to dry. 
3. Using wire, secure the ribbon to the inside of your wreath.
4. Slip the ribbon in the first loop. 
5. Behind, twist the ribbon and then feed through the second loop.
6. Again, in the the third loop.
7. Twist a couple times and bring the ribbon back down to the inside of the wreath and repeat.
8. Once you get to the end, secure with wire. 
9. Make bow.
10. Weave color of your choice in between.
11. Secure letter & bow and...

TA DA! :)

I know it sounds a little confusing. I hope the pictures will help some, but I found you just need to play with it. Keep in mind, it doesn't look great right away. Have some patience (thank goodness my friend was around when I started it! She kept me going. ; ) and have fun!

What you need:

90 ft of wired burlap ribbon- Yes, I used all 90 ft!
Accent color ribbon of choice
wire wreath
paint colors
wooden letter
ribbon or string to attach letter
paint brushes 
QTips (I used these to make the dots on the M)


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