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Friday, August 8, 2014

How to: Pack Your Shoes

In a past post, I told you about my husband and I taking a last minute trip.  That was when our 'spontaneous getaway bag' started.  Since then, we randomly decide we are taking off and heading to a hotel near Nashville.  In fact, we just did that very thing a couple weekends ago.  We really enjoy doing this.  Because this has become a regular excursion, we have come across many little items to throw in said bag.
On this last trip, I was thrilled to see a shower cap.  I'm a little strange but, hey, it wasn't just q-tips and lotion.  I get excited about the small things.  

I was checking out Pinterest yesterday and came across this great idea.  It wasn't actually what I had in mind when my face lit up seeing the cute shower cap box, but a great idea, nonetheless.  

This idea is going to be so handy when I'm packing for our 'mini vacations'.  Also, I will be traveling for my sister's wedding soon.  Who knows how many pair of shoes a girl will need for a week like that!   

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