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Friday, October 31, 2014

"Pumpkin" Rice Krispie Treats


End of October- time to get dressed up, go to parties, and... eat lots of junk.  

I now have a desk job.  This girl is used to running around at my previous jobs.  Not here!  Eight hours of sitting (thank goodness it goes fast).  I am loving my job; however, there is a downfall.  With holidays approaching, it is normal to prepare for celebrations.  At my work place, it feels like we are always celebrating something and with celebrating comes food.  It's crazy. I just told myself I have to start watching it, especially since I know this booty will get ever wider as I munch on milk duds at my desk.  After I decided I was going to do better...again supervisor comes in and tells everyone we will be having a party for Halloween.  Everyone bring a treat! (FOREHEAD SLAP!!)  Maybe I'll start in November. ;)

So with the party tomorrow and not really planning, I needed something quick but cute.  These little rice krispie pumpkins are what I ended up making:

All you need:

6 cups rice krispies
1/4 stick butter
1 tsp vanilla
yellow and red food coloring
mini tootsie rolls
butter for your hands---
(everyone knows you need this if you have ever made rice krispie treats! ;)

Start melting butter on low. 

Add marshmallows. 

As the marshmallows are starting to soften, open tootsie rolls. 

Also, measure out rice krispies. 

Stir the butter and marshmallows as they melt. 


Stir some more. 

After the butter and marshmallows have melted, add vanilla. 

Stir in food coloring. Mix well.  Pour mixture over rice krispies and stir again.

Now, at this point, I was unsuccessful at taking any pictures, as my hand were covered with marshmallow.  Quickly form "pumpkins" and stick a "stem" in the top.  There you go!

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