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Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY Detective Kit

My little brother's birthday was about a week ago. He turned nine and I wanted to do something creative that would be fun and encourage him to use his imagination. I've seen "detective kits" on Pinterest and decided to create my own. 

My niece and nephews were also there when he opened his gift. They all thought it was pretty cool and within minutes my nephew that is about Isaiah's age came out with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders and a random hat that they found so they could be "detectives" together! I think I'm going to need to make a few more kits. :)

This project was pretty inexpensive for me because I had fabric and supplies on hand. Whatever I didn't have I was able to purchase from Walmart or Goodwill.

For your kit, you'll need:

bag or briefcase
cape (store bought or homemade)
magnifying glass
2 small containers {Crime Scene Specimen}
small plastic bags {Evidence Bags}
blank journal {Crime Journal}
small notebook {Clues}
small drawing pad {Fingerprinting Paper}
ink pad {Fingerprinting Ink}
small container for fingerprinting dust (I used a mixture of baking powder & cocoa for the dust)
clean make-up brush (for the dust)
clear tape {Fingerprint Lifting Tape}
self-adhesive address labels

I labeled the items so that he would know what to use them for.
(I also put clear packaging tape over the labels to keep them cleaner and more durable.)

It was so much fun walking through the store and imagining what you could use different items for. Don't worry about everything looking the same as the kits you see online. The best part is being creative and making your own kit!

I used some fabric I already had to make a cape with a wide collar that ties in front like Sherlock Holmes. It's also reversible so he can be in plaid or a blotchy brown. That will help when he needs a disguise. :)

I was able to get an old audio cassette carrying case from Goodwill for $0.99 that was perfect to use for the briefcase.

I wrote on it with a paint pen from the craft section at Walmart and let it dry overnight.

When everything was ready to go, I loaded it all in the briefcase....

...and snapped it shut. :)

Perfect for storing neatly and keeping everything in one place!

He even used it as his Halloween costume this year when he went trick-or-treating.
Doesn't he look like he likes it?! Or maybe that's the thought of all the candy awaiting him...hehe!

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