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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lacing Your Workout Shoes

Wow. What a crazy week and a half! I went on a 1000 mile road trip (that's one way!) with my family, camped along a stream that my little brothers really enjoyed {they caught all sorts of critters, including salamanders, tadpoles, bugs, and even saw some snakes! Eek!}. It was a wonderful trip! Now, I've been back to reality for a few days. After working and getting daily tasks done, I will soon be back on the road again! This time with my wonderful hubby! :) So excited!!

Since I've been gone for awhile, and super busy in between, I haven't really had a chance to do anything worth blogging about. So, I decided to share a little tip instead. 

If you are a runner (or even a walker!), you probably have a specific pair of shoes for your workout. How do you lace them? Have you ever thought about it?

I've been doing some reading, and it turns out, lacing your shoes like normal may not be the best for your feet. 

This is how I normally lace my shoes. Like normal people. :)

According to and Katie at (just a couple of the sources I found), there are many ways to tie your shoes to more comfortably fit your feet.

Whether your shoes are too tight, too wide, slipping at your heel, or even if you have a high instep, there are ways to tie your shoes that can help!

My awesome hubby bought me some brand new running shoes that I love, but they are fairly narrow. Plus, I have wider feet that doesn't help. Until they get broken in, I've been using Katie's lacing technique for wide feet and, on my last run, I could not believe the difference!

(This lacing technique is for wide feet.)

So, go ahead, click on those sites, and test one out!

Happy running! :)

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