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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Transform Your Hoodie from a Pullover to a Zip Up

With an upcoming vacation, and being required to pack lightly, I've been pondering which clothes to pack.
Even though we'll be going to Tennessee where it's warm, the evenings usually cool off, and it's always nice to have a sweatshirt with you. And I'm a sucker for hoodies. :)

I love the pullover hoodies, but since I had two of this particular one, I decided to switch one of them over to a zip up. You will never believe how easy it is!

This is a pretty basic sweatshirt. In fact, I've seen many people wearing it.
{Old Navy must have loved the sales on this one!}

Cut directly down the center and either serge the edge, or zigzag stitch.

Now just add your zipper!

Yep, that's it!

{Since I feel like I'm being choked if my necklines are too high,
I bought a shorter zipper so I could leave the neckline more open.}

Now, wasn't that easy? :)

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