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Friday, October 18, 2013

Mummy "Suckers"

Inspired by Halloween decor everywhere, I decided to browse the interwebs for some cute Halloween treats!  I thought this one was so great---and easy.
All moms out there, your kids will love these. 
While making these though, I have a couple tips---buy wax paper and get double stuffed oreos.  :)  I will explain in a bit. 

Things needs:
White Almond Bark
Any chocolate candy you want--for the eyes
Lollipop sticks

Directions below with pictures!

Gather your ingredients! 

Don't laugh at my double boiler. :) If you don't have one, you make do.  Grab a pan, put water in, top with a bowl.  Works great! 

Using your double boiler, melt almond bark.

 While the almond bark is melting, carefully separate the oreos.  This is where it would be nice to have double stuffed oreos.  When putting the lollipop stick between, because there wasn't much filling, the oreo didn't want to stay together.  I used the melted almond bark as "glue".  It worked but it would make this project easier if there was more filling. 

 Carefully dip the oreos in the melted almond bark. 

 Make sure they are covered well. 

 Using a piping bag, I drizzled the almond bark over the already covered "suckers".

 Place candies to look like eyes.  Allow to cool.  This is where the wax paper would come in handy. It was very difficult to get these off the cooling rack.  I was successful but the wax paper would make it very easy.

ENJOY!  Happy (almost) Halloween!


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