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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No Sew Curtains!

So my wonderful husband just bought me a sewing machine.  I think I have a new hobby. Yippy!  I used to sew when I was little but it's been years.  I think it's more fun now because my man is even into it.  Walking through JoAnn's is now a date day...I love it! (He may not keep the enthusiasm up since the reason he was so excited was because we were making his Halloween costume--Pennywise, from IT (which turned out great, by the way)  but I will enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Any way...I was searching the internet for some ideas on what I want to make next!  I ended up looking at curtains.  If you saw our apartment, you would understand.  Because we don't want to stay here long, we decided not to make it too homey.  In other words, we have very little furniture and only 1 picture on the wall.  This is why I decided on curtains!  Few holes in the wall and it will still make it a little more cheery while we are here. ;)

While looking I found this great idea from the blog site 'The Resourceful Gals'! Before I had my sewing machine, I would have totally done this.   Thanks fellow bloggers for the great idea!

Picture from The Resourceful Gals blog site! 

You need:
  • Fabric, lace, burlap, or whatever suits your style. ;)
  • Ribbon, lace, coordinating piece of fabric, string, hemp, whatever you come up with to tie your swags.
  • How to make the curtains:
    • Measure your curtain rod.  Use a piece of fabric at least this length, longer if you prefer a gathered look. 
    • Fold fabric-long ways- in half. Lay over curtain rod.  Using ribbon, burlap, etc., whatever your preference, tie bows where you determined your swag would be.  Make sure to leave your ribbon long enough so your swag looks nice. :)
    • Finished!  

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  1. What a great idea! These would look especially nice over a window above the kitchen sink.


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