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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

As I have mentioned before, appetizer night is a big deal in our home! When the word "appetizer" is mentioned, everyone is excited! So I decided to share one of our favorites!

Bacon Wrapped Jalepeno Poppers

You will need:

10 fresh jalepenos
8 oz cream cheese
Ranch dip mix (optional)
12 oz bacon (not thick sliced)

A foil-lined pan, cooling rack, and disposable gloves make the process much easier!

Yum! Am I right?? :)

Step one:

Combine one 8 oz block of  softened cream cheese with 1 Tablespoon Ranch dip mix.  This step is not necessary.  If you prefer to omit the ranch seasoning, I promise the results will still be fantastic!!

Step 2:  Wash the jalepenos. Slice in half, length-wise, and scrape 
all the seeds out.  It is best to wear gloves when working with spicy peppers.  Be sure to wash your hands when finished and keep your hands away from your eyes.  Do I sound like I am speaking from experience??...I am! Ouch! 

Step 3:  Rinse well, making sure to rinse all the seeds off. 

Step 4:  Next you will need to fill the jalepeno
 halves with the ranch and cream cheese mix.  

Step 5:  Slice the raw bacon in half. Line a large sheet pan with aluminum foil and 
place a cooling rack on the pan.  A lined pan makes clean up a breeze!!

Step 6:  Wrap the cream cheese-filled jalepeno with the half slice bacon.  It should look something like this. 

I always recruit my hubby to help with this step and in just a few minutes I have an entire pan full. :)

The last step is placing them under the broiler.  When the broiler setting is on high, it takes about 20-25 minutes for them to be done.  Your eyes and nose are the best test.  When they start smelling like crispy bacon and they appear to be fully cooked , it is time to remove them from the oven.  Let them set for a few minutes and serve them up! :)

Note:  These can easily be assembled ahead of time and placed in the refrigerator 
until you are ready to broil them.  

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