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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Coupons

Flowers, chocolates, know the drill.  Valentine's day has become very commercialized.  So much so, it seems if you don't spend at least a paycheck on your significant other, you may as well just toss in the towel on that relationship!  I'm being serious.  I have heard people talk like that.  It's so frustrating. :(

I love Valentine's Day...not for gifts, flowers, etc. but I think it's nice to show your love a little extra attention.  Hopefully it's not too much more.  We all should be treating our better half well all the time.  Right? ;)

As much as I love Valentines Day, my husband hates it.  He detests what it has turned into.  He hates seeing those signs- "Get your dozen roses for only $90.00. If you buy today, we will give you the heart shape vase for FREE!" (which by the way, on a normal day those same roses would be $9.99. ) He hates the jewelry store adds that go on and on telling you how to show your "love".  You get the point. With that said, he always plans something special, maybe not a whole paycheck worth but something special. This year I told him I did not want to spend money on Valentine's Day.  We have been talking about saving for a trip so I suggested we put money towards that instead.  Being in agreement,  I still planned a nice dinner, some dessert, and I made THESE!  I think they are great. 

When I was growing up, my Mom did this for my Dad many times.  Not necessarily only on Valentine's Day.  Any occasion would work.  You just make up cute "coupons" that they can redeem any time they want.  I love it because it doesn't cost anything and it's something my husband would really enjoy!


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