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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Salad In A Jar

We've seen this on the internet. Mom and I changed it up a bit,
so this is our family's version! When I am hungry and looking for something
to eat, this is so convenient to be able to just look in the fridge....and grab an already-made-salad!! :)
I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! :)

Ranch dressing
Lettuce (hand torn- do not cut)
Cherry Tomatoes
Green pepper
Black Olives
Peas (optional)
(Basically any combination of vegetables that you like)

Step 1: Chop black olives, onion, and celery.

Step 2: Set out about 10 jars (depending on how many salads you want).

Step 3: Pour 2 to 3 Tbsp. of dressing in each jar.

Step 4: Start layering your vegetables. 
We started with celery. You can put in the veggies as you would like.  We put about  1-3 tablespoons vegetables in each jar. The important thing to remember is to be sure to add the lettuce last, so that is does not get soggy. 

Step 5: Put your carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, and peas (optional) in jars.
*** You can add other ingredients such as cut up
ham or eggs.  We just used the veggies this time. 

 Step 6: Rip your lettuce (be sure not to cut it- it will rust)
into bite-size pieces, and put into each jar.

Step 7: Cover and put all of the jars in the fridge.

Now you have a nice meal or snack whenever you want! :)  
We found that these kept well. We made sure we put the salads together right after we brought the vegetables home fresh from the store. They kept really well.  They lasted for an entire week! We plan to continue doing this and trying different versions of salads. It is fun, and convenient!



  1. I love this idea. I have seen it before but I thought they would get wilty and not hold up for long. I was happy when mom told me that they lasted a good week!
    Now I just have to go buy Mason jars! :)


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