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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blended Chocolate Coffee


Some of the simplest things in life are the and chocolate.  Mix them together and it pretty much becomes heaven in a cup.  :)

This is one of my favorite treats that I mix up in less than 5 minutes.  All you need is:

A BLENDER (personal or full size)

I make it a daily habit to freeze any leftover coffee remaining in the coffee 
pot at the end of the afternoon.  I simply freeze it in ice cube trays 
and empty them into a container that I leave in 
the freezer. It really is a win-win. :)  Coffee cubes are ready anytime I am in the mood for a treat and no coffee goes to waste! :)


Now all you need to do is put about a dozen coffee cubes in your blender....

Now add 1 cup chocolate milk and blend until it is well blended and there are no chunks of coffee cubes remaining.

Now the last step is to pour it all into your favorite cup and ENJOY! Make sure to use a good quality straw. :)

*You can easily alter this... use more or less chocolate milk if you prefer a different consistency. 
* You can also make several servings at one time if you use a full size blender. Just be sure 
to have plenty to go around. .. trust me! ;)

1 comment:

  1. oooo oooo oooo! I WANT one! These are so easy and so good!!!

    Makes me want to come to North Dakota and have coffee - thrift shopping with my sis again! :)


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