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Friday, April 18, 2014

D.I.Y. Easter Egg "Basket"

Easter is almost here!!  Here is an easy, fun project to do with kids or to use as a cute centerpiece.  

What you need:

Water Balloons
Candy of choice

Gather your supplies!

In the first step, you have to put the candy inside the balloon.  This is not easy with one person.  Just have someone hold it open and drop in 4-6 pieces of candy.  Blow up balloon just like you would without candy in it.  Make it about 3-4 inches long or a nice "egg" shape. 

Using 1 part water to 1 part glue, soak yarn just enough to get it all moistened. *Or check out our D.I.Y Mod Podge!  It worked great! To make your own, click HERE!

We put too much glue on one. Dipping it got it too saturated so we switched to doing it as in the picture below. 

Carefully wrap the balloon with the yarn, making sure to leave enough space to be able to remove the balloon but also small enough so the candy won't fall out. 

Above is the one that was too saturated.  It probably would have been fine if we gave it more time to dry but I would recommend not using so much glue mixture. 

 Find a place to hang to dry.  Lay a cloth on the floor to catch dripping glue. *Notice the two end ones.  They were not as saturated as the middle one.  They dried better and looked better.*

Allow to dry completely.  We waited overnight. 

Using a pin, pop the balloon.  I used a tweezers to remove the balloon.  It worked slick. 

TA DAAA! :)  Aren't they adorable.  A cute decoration that has a yummy treat.  Have fun!

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