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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Organizing DVD's and CD's

Don't we all wish we were a little more organized?? Here is a simple solution to keep all those photo cd's, games, and dvd's a little more organized!

Now you will be able to fit this big pile of games into a small amount of space.  Not only will it look neat, you will be able to easily access them all! :) 
Now you can decide 
if you want to alphabetize all the games or not... I don't and my kids don't seem to mind. They don't usually even know what game they are looking for until they flip through it and find the "right" one.  ;)

All you need to purchase is the photo books along with the sleeves. They can be found in the photo section of most major retailers. I found mine at Walmart.  The "book" was less than $4 and I paid less than $1 for every 5 sleeves to slip the games in.

Now all you need to do, is to remove the games from the original package and insert it into a sleeve and put it into the correctly labeled book. Next step...chuck the original packaging! Yep, as in throw the case in the garbage! I know this may be difficult for some of you but trust me, you will thank me later! ;)

I use this simple solution for all of our video games, all of our photo cd's (lots), and all of our dvd movies!! I can't believe how much space this saves...and everything is so much more organized!
Something about organization makes me happy. ...hope this makes you happy, too!! :)

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