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Friday, July 11, 2014

Perfectly Grilled Sweet Corn

I found out this past weekend that I take grilled sweet corn for granted. It just ends up on your plate and you enjoy the fruits of someone else figuring out how to make it "just right".

Grilled sweet corn is so simple... or so I thought.  After 6 of us standing in the kitchen, going back and forth deciding if Bobby Flay or would be better, we decided what we would do. 

I am not so much sharing this with you because it's so hard to do (you probably know how to grill corn), I am doing this so that I remember the next time. :)  I don't want to waste time discussing when I could be enjoying this yummy summer treat. 

Here it goes:

1. The first thing I did was clean out the silk.  Carefully pull the husk back.  
After removing all the silk, replace the husks. 

2. Soak in salt water for an hour. After about 45 minutes of soaking, start the grill. 

3. Open and spray (or brush) olive oil on the corn. 

4. Sprinkle with the seasonings of your choice. Good ol' salt and pepper for me.

5.  Replace the husks again, and tie the corn shut using a small strand of husk. (You could also use kitchen twine if that's really not working for ya.)

6.  Put aluminum foil on the grill. (FYI...we started a fire because we didn't do that at first) :)

8. Cook for approximately 45 minutes, turning frequently.


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