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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Gift

With Christmas right around the corner, we're getting ready for our Christmas lunch/ Secret Santa reveal at work. For the past couple months we have been exchanging little gifts, candy, etc. You know the drill.  Well, I have a few things around for my person, but I wanted to make her something.  Before we began, we each filled out a sheet to give ideas of what we liked.  This saying was my person's favorite so I wanted to make a picture with it displayed. 
I would really liked to have had more time (because 2 months just isn't enough ;). I would have done it with paints like I did for the picture I made my Father in law. Being that I was a procrastinator, I decide to use a permanent marker instead.  It was much faster and it actually worked well.  
If you would like to make something like this, it was easy, cheap, and it will mean something to her. 

All you need is:

Picture frame (I found one at Good Will)
Permanent marker
Duct Tape (that's right!)

1. Find a picture frame you like.  Pick a phrase.
2.  Remove whatever is in picture frame and clean glass well. 
3.  Measure the burlap and cut.
4.  Write saying. 
5.  Replace burlap for the paper in frame. 
6.  Put backing on.  Because I didn't have staples, I neatly placed duct tape.  Grandpa was right, you can use duct tape for everything.  Don't judge. ;)

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