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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Painted Burlap Quote {A Father's Day Project}

Father's Day!

I love Father's Day.  I am very sad that I am 1000 miles from my wonderful daddy on this special day, but  thankful he knows I love him sooooo much!  I think I will have to Skype with him for a little while on Sunday though. ;)

Although my daddy is far away, I am lucky to have my "Papa Joe" close.  He's my other daddy (Mike's Father).

Rather than getting a tool to add to his collection, Mikey and I decided to take some time and MAKE a gift.  I can sew...and crochet...but I have never been patient with piddly stuff.  That's all Nae Nae. ;)  Channeling my inner crafter, I decided this project looked easy enough that I could complete it and cute enough that it would make a nice gift.  Who knows, he's probably going to miss that tool! ;)

What made us decide to do this?  Having some pretty awesome conversation on the deck a couple years back, Papa Joe had nonchalantly said these words.  Loving it, I grabbed a sheet a paper, quickly jotted it down, and then put it in my cedar chest.  After, I returned to the deck to have more great conversation.

Recently, I was going through my cedar chest looking for wedding ideas for my sister.  Yippy for wedding!  Sorry... off topic.  Anyway, as I was going through my cedar chest and I found that sheet of paper.  Telling Mikey about it, we came up with this idea!

This project was about my limit for patience while doing a craft, but  it was well worth my time.  I would definitely recommend this to people that don't think they can do a D.I.Y. project.  I will be doing this again.  Pinterest has all sorts of great sayings. ;)

Items Needed:

Satin Acrylic paint
"paint trays"
Paper towels
Gloves (optional, but I wouldn't have done it without them.  I am messy  though.)

  • Remove any matting or paper from frame
  • Clean glass so it will be ready when you put your project in.
  • Cut burlap. Leave quit a bit extra.  You can always remove the excess.
  • Get "paint trays".  I just wrapped aluminum foil around small kitchen plates.  It worked.
  • Taking a bunch of paper, I cut squares.  Then I cut circles which were large enough that it would accommodate the stencil, but small enough that you wouldn't paint any part of the other letters.  I will show you in a picture what I mean.
  • Wearing gloves, start stenciling.  I used a little amount of paint, adding thin layers as needed.  If you have too much paint on your spouncer, it seeps under the stencil.
  • Between every application, I set my stencil on some laid out paper towel and carefully dabbed off the excess.  I didn't want to leave paint blotches all over.  That's up to you though.  I was looking for a cleaner look. 
Below are a few of the products I used...

I just bought the burlap at Walmart.  Everything else, I found at Michaels!

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