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Friday, January 25, 2013

Headband Stand

  As I started to toss an empty oatmeal canister in the trash, I realized I could make something with it. I was thinking of doing some sort of piggy bank for one of my little siblings, then decided on decorating it as a headband stand for hair supplies. It was either a really good idea or just expanding my potential for becoming a hoarder at a young age...I won't dwell on that thought too much just yet.

I grabbed some fabric and made up a quick batch of homemade mod podge, found some scissors, ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

Measure the size of fabric you want to cover the cylinder.

Using a foam paint brush, completely cover the sides with mod podge. Carefully apply the fabric and press firmly in place.

 Once it's securely in place, brush evenly over the top of the fabric with more mod podge and let cool completely.

Cut out a circle of fabric and hot glue around the lid.

Cut out another circle of fabric (the size of the inside of the lid) and hot glue in place.

Once canister is completely dried, decorate with ribbon, etc. as desired.

You now have a headband stand! Use the inside of the canister as storage for binders, clips, hair flowers, or whatever else you would like.


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    1. Thanks! You can switch it up so much, too! I saw a picture of one with a candlestick holder as a base!


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