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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Color Block & Polka Dots

I like to play around with different styles of nail art. There is a resident at work that always jokes that she is my "guinea pig" when it comes to nails because she lets me do whatever I want. I do her nails every week and each time, she comes back telling me about the compliments she gets on her art. When a woman in her 90's walks around with polka dots, stripes, candy canes, butterfly wings, and even newspaper print on her nails, she's bound to get some attention. :)

I decided to start the nail art posts with a simple tutorial. The best thing about nail art is that it's fun to switch it up with your favorite colors. This particular tutorial is combining the popular color blocking along with the trendy polka dots.

I used O.P.I. (OPI on Collins Ave) polish, black nail art, and white polish.

Start with 2 coats of your base polish, letting each coat dry thoroughly before adding the next.

Using the nail art brush, carefully make a line down your nail were you would like the color block to stop.

Fill in the area and let dry.

Pour some polish (for the dots) on a piece of plastic wrap or paper. 
Using the DIY Dotting Tool and a toothpick, dip the tips in the pool of polish and dot your nail as you like.

Once dry, polish with a coat of clear polish to finish it off.

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