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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rice Crispy Nests

I know today is Easter and it's probably a little late to be sharing Easter treats, but I didn't want to pass up sharing this cute snack. Maybe you can still make them this week, or even use them as a snack for a springtime party! Either way, these little Rice Crispy Nests will be a quick way to satisfy your sweet tooth and your budget.

All you need is a recipe for regular rice crispy treats (marshmallows, butter, & rice cereal), coconut, green food coloring, and jelly beans or chocolate eggs.

Start by getting your coconut ready. 
In a small bowl, add food coloring to coconut and mix until desired shade is achieved.

Then you're going to want to make your rice crispy treats. 

(My recipe was 1 bag of marshmallows, 1/4 cup butter {melt on stove top} and 5 1/2 cups rice cereal.)

Then scoop and press into greased muffin tins, making the center more shallow than the edges.

While treats are still warm, fill shallow center with prepared coconut and gently press to help it stick.

 Fill with jelly beans or chocolate eggs.

Setting little Peep chicks on top would be really cute, too! :)

This recipe and idea was adapted from

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