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Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY Dotting Tool

My nails are not always done, but when they are, it's rare that I will put a coat of polish on and leave it at that. I love nail art! It can be something as simple as polka dots or even a little more crazy like butterfly wings. (I'll have to post that tutorial soon because it is super cute and surprisingly easy!) Even though this DIY Dotting Tool seems like a pretty common sense solution, you would be surprised at how many people ask me how I do my nails. Therefore, I decided to post this in case you didn't know.

All you need is a pencil (with an eraser) and a ball-headed pin.

Next, stick the pin in the center of your eraser. That's all it takes. Pretty easy, right?

Now you are free to dunk the ball tip in a pool of polish and make many sizes of circles.

 Go ahead and practice on a sheet of paper before actually doing it on your nails.
If you like the really tiny polka dots, just use toothpicks. However, if you like bigger dots, this is your tool!

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