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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hatching Chick Nails

Since Easter is coming up quickly, I decided to do some Easter inspired nail art on a couple residents at work on Monday. They turned out super cute, so I wanted to do it here so I could share it with all of you. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy to do it on my own nails as it was someone elses, so it doesn't look quite as cute as it did. The lines are a little sloppy, but I figured you would still get the point. 

Plus, when chicks are hatching, the shells don't break open perfectly anyway, right? That's right. So let's just say that the sloppy lines were all on purpose. ;)

I did a base of white on my ring finger nails, then topped with "Unicorn" by Sinful Colors. 
(Putting white underneath the yellow makes the light color cover better.)
I painted the rest of my nails with "Boogie Nights" by Sinful Colors. 
(It's actually a little more peachy looking in person.)

 Using white, black, and orange nail art, you can paint the hatching chick.
Paint a white broken shell on the top and bottom.
Paint a little orange beak, then finish off with black beady eyes. :)

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