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Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patty's Clover Cupcakes

Saint Patrick's Day is quickly approaching and I thought it would be fun to make some cupcakes to celebrate. My little brothers' wrestling tournament is on Sunday and I'm hoping to be able to see them compete. When I do go, I don't always bring treats, but it's fun every once in awhile. Maybe celebrating a St. Patty's Day Tournament with Clover Cupcakes might give them a little boost to win! :)

I would normally make these just beforehand, but we've got such a busy weekend ahead of us that I won't have time. I also cheated and used store bought cake mix and frosting so it would be quick. These cupcakes definitely don't look like they came from the bakery, but if you are looking for a quick (and EASY!) treat, these are the way to go! They turned out yummy, but if you have the time, make it from scratch. They are always better that way. :) (At least the frosting is!)

Prepare batter as directed. (I used a Betty Crocker white cake mix.)

 Mix in some green food coloring.

Scoop into prepared cupcake liners. I'm a little sloppy. :)

 I poured the leftover batter into a small (6x6?) pan.

 Bake as directed.
(OR....I baked mine for 5 minutes at 350degrees then about 20 minutes at 300degrees. 
Doing this helps the cupcakes not dry out and they get nice and fluffy.)

 Set on a cooling rack and let cool completely.

 Mix up your frosting! 
(I used cream cheese frosting and tinted it with a little green food coloring.)

Frost your cupcakes. 
I'm totally not a pastry chef, so mine really look "homemade".
I really need to get a set of frosting tips! :)

Top your cupcakes.
On the market right now is a special edition of Lucky Charms cereal that has four leaf clovers. The box cost me about $2 at Walmart and I just picked out the clovers.

That's it!

 Oh yeah, the cake is still hanging out. :)

Frost with your leftover frosting. (If you didn't eat it all already!)

Sprinkle with some clovers. :)

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