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Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY Dove Go Fresh Body Wash

Have you seen all the blogs and posts on Pinterest talking about how to make your own body wash? If you haven't heard, you can actually make your own Dove body wash by reconstituting their bars of soap.
By doing this, you still get a creamy, cleansing body wash, the only downside is that it doesn't lather up as much. I'm sorry, but I'm definitely a person that needs to feel the bubbles, otherwise I don't feel like it's cleaning my skin.

Being able to make your own body wash (that actually works!) is awesome, so all I needed to do was find a way to make it lather better, since it was already cleansing. And what lathers better than shampoo? Plus, it's going to be getting you extra clean. Who doesn't like being clean?!

I've seen many posts that say only to use Dove moisture bars. I have used many different brands and I have to agree that I have found that the Dove Go Fresh line works the best.

(It may still work to use your favorite brand, but it will probably turn out a little slimy. Once you lather it up, you can't tell the difference and it really doesn't bother me as long as it gets sudsy, but it may gross you out a little bit. Especially don't use glycerin bars unless you don't mind the sliminess!)

This DIY Body Wash will fill a gallon jug (FULL!) and your shampoo bottle! That's a lot of body wash (about 150 ounces!) for a little price! 

My favorite combination so far has been Dove's Go Fresh Rebalance soap (Plum & Sakura Blossom scent) along with Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine shampoo (Passion Flower & Vanilla scent) or the Sweet Pea and Violet scent.

The hardest part is grating the soap. 
(I have an old cheese grater that I only use for making body wash now.)

Lay out a piece of parchment or waxed paper and grate all your soap. If using the Dove Go Fresh bars, use (8) 4 oz. bars of soap per gallon of water.

{If you are using a different kind, start with just a couple bars. Once cooled, you can reheat and add more water if it's too thick, or reheat and add more soap if it's too runny.} Experiment to find your favorite ratio, but like I said, my favorite is the Dove Go Fresh. :)

Pour your water into a large pot and bring it to a boil
Then add your grated soap. 

Turn down to medium heat and occasionally stir until soap pieces are completely dissolved.
*Be sure to watch it carefully if your pot isn't enormous. I got distracted and it boiled over...twice. Needless to say, my stovetop is pretty clean now. :)

Once it's completely dissolved, let cool 8-12 hours. (I like to leave it overnight.) It will thicken as it cools.
This is how it should look:

Once cooled, gently stir in the 22.5 oz bottle of shampoo.
Transfer to your containers.
I like to use the old shampoo bottle to use in the shower and I keep the rest in the empty water jug to refill my shower bottle as needed.
(After 12 hours, if your body wash is too thin, just heat it again and add more bar soap. 
If it's too thick, heat and stir in more water.)

Are you still wondering why I would want to go through the work of making my own body wash?
Here's why:

Homemade Dove Go Fresh Body Wash
1 gallon water: $0.88
8 (4 oz. each) bars of soap: $7.97
22.5 oz. shampoo: $1.50
Total cost for 150 ounces of body wash: $10.35

Store-bought Dove Go Fresh Body Wash
 24 oz. bottle: $5.47
Total cost for 150 ounces of body wash: $34.19

That means that this batch of body wash saved me $23.84!!
So, for each 24 oz bottle you buy for $5.47, I can make the same amount for only $1.66! Now that is a big savings! {All prices are what I paid at our local Walmart.}

Plus, I'm not just doing this because it's actually works! I've been making my own body wash for close to a year now and I love it! Think of how much I've saved! It's also a plus not having to buy body wash so often since it makes such a large batch. :)

It's smooth & creamy, and makes your skin feel super soft & silky.
I really want to try an unscented Dove body wash next time and use essential oils to make it smell "manly" for my hubby. :) 


  1. Made this with my sister! Works great. I used Olay and Dove. It is a little slimy but once on your loofa, you can't even tell.

    1. I just updated this post with the new directions. I hope you try it because it's definitely a better consistency using the Dove Go Fresh instead of any other brand. :)

  2. Great idea. Thanks :)

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