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Friday, April 5, 2013

Kool-Aid Lip Gloss

Making homemade beauty products is definitely something that interests me. Not all of it works as well as I would like it to, but some of it is definitely worth it! This is one of those products!
First of all, it's cheap to make. 
Second, it's easy. 
Third, it's fun! 
And fun tops all the other reasons, right? :)
I could continue, too. It's quick, you can make a variety of colors, it makes great little gifts or stocking stuffers,  it works really well....the list goes on and on!

All you need to make this lip gloss is petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) and a package of Kool-Aid
(I've tried using a generic brand of kool-aid and it doesn't really work as well, 
so I suggest only using the name brand.)

Using a small glass bowl, melt the petroleum jelly in the microwave. 
I only wanted to make one little container, but obviously, the more you use, the more lip gloss it will make. 
(1 full package of Kool-Aid will be enough for 1 cup of petroleum jelly)

Once melted, the jelly will look like water. 

Sprinkle in the kool-aid and mix until dissolved. 
The jelly begins to become solid again so you'll want to have your container ready. 
(You can see the lighter colored lump in the center that started hardening already.)

Then, you pour it into your containers and let it rest until completely cooled. 
(I got my little container in a travel set that I got from the dollar store.)
I used black cherry kool-aid because that's all I had in my cupboard, but
I think the fruit punch flavor will be my next one! :)


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    1. Kathryn would love making this. :) Has she used her polish yet?


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