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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Storing Cupcake Liners

I had to stop at the dollar store to pick up some snack bags yesterday and saw that they had some super cute cupcake liners come in recently. They almost always have plain white ones, but occasionally they will have a cute selection and it's way cheaper than buying them from the grocery store. Since they don't always have them, I picked up a couple packages to have on hand, but when I got home, I wondered where to put them.

Cupcake liners always seem to come in oddly shaped packages that take up a lot of room, then tend to come tumbling down on your head when you're trying to get at your other baking supplies. I don't like taking them out of their packages unless I have to because I always think they are going to get dusty and squished.

When looking at my new liners, I figured there had to be an easier way to store these. I found a clean, wide mouth jar (it's actually an old salsa jar) and dropped the liners in. It worked out perfectly! They are easy to get at, they're all in one place, the jar stores nicely, and they won't get crushed. :)

Don't they have cute prints?
I now have sports, pirates, princesses, and gingham. :)

 Even the mini liners fit nicely! :)


  1. Such a simple solution! I know what I need to go do right now! My muffin cup liners are in a flimsy plastic container they came in BUT without a lid since that cracked almost immediately...and my two year old dumped them all over yesterday! This post was perfect timing! :)

    1. Haha! I'm glad it helped. At least I know I'm not the only one that has cupcake liner problems. :P


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