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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Homemade Travel Games

 While my sisters were visiting yesterday, we were able to find some good deals at a few garage sales. One of our best thrifty finds were these older, hard plastic, VHS cases. They were in very good shape and, best of all, free!

You may be thinking "did she really just pick them up because they were free and she automatically thought it was a steal?" Have no fear...I had a plan. :)

Lucy and I got up early and pulled out a bunch of crafting supplies I had on hand. We decided on which games would be best and we began our task of making homemade travel games! :)
We started by getting rid of these nasty bumps inside the case.

Using a serrated knife, we filed them off before hot gluing some felt down.


We cut strips of sticky-backed velcro into points and set them in place.

We put velcro on the bottom of some buttons (we made one extra piece for each color), added a velcro strip down the middle for "the bar", and threw in a couple dice to finish it off.


Here we hot glued strips of red felt down along with some velcro squares.
Stick velcro underneath the buttons as well. (We made five of each color.)

We put strips of velcro on the lid of the case to hold the pieces while not in play.


I posted earlier about the woven friendship bracelets that we'll be taking on our road trip soon.
(Click here if you haven't seen that post yet.)
We used the 3rd case to hold everything we need for these little bracelets.

*cardboard looms
*embroidery floss

 Using scrapbook paper and sticker labels, we marked each one so we are sure to grab the case we intended to in our soon-to-be cluttered cars. :)


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    1. Thanks! They were fun to put together! These would be good for your kids, too, with the trips to MN. :)


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