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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Woven Friendship Bracelet

I don't know how popular they are now, but I know, back in the 90's, friendship bracelets were pretty much the coolest thing ever! Mostly worn as ankle bracelets, once you had them on, you never took them off. Not until they were worn so much that you could barely see the pattern anymore.

In a few weeks, I get to take a road trip with my family. This will be the first time in about 10 years. I'm so excited! :) Unfortunately, we'll be in the car for about 32 hours, round trip. Since it works out best for us to be driving during the day, instead of through the night, we're going to need some entertaining activities to keep the kiddos (and the adults!) occupied. 

I found this tutorial on the Michael Ann Made blog, and thought it looked like a great idea! It's perfect for keeping hands busy, while taking up very little room at the same time. I also like the fact that, with this little cardboard loom, you can easily set it down, then pick up right where you left of! (I'm sure there will be many potty breaks and ruined bracelets would probably cause some frustration.) It's so simple, I have no doubt my 5 year old sister will be able to whip up her own little woven friendship bracelet!

What you'll need:
cardboard (I used a cereal box)
embroidery floss

{I'm sorry I don't have step-by-step photos. 
I had taken a picture of each step, but for some reason, my phone would only upload these. :/ }

Take a piece of cardboard and draw a circle (approximately 4" in diameter). I used a large mouth glass to trace a circle.

Draw 8 pie slices.

Cut out your circle.

Snip each pie slice about a third to halfway in. (Do not cut all the way to the center!)

Using a hole punch, or the tip of a pen, poke a small hole in the very center.

Cut 7 even lengths of embroidery floss, any colors. (I did about 12-14" length)

Push the end of all 7 pieces through the center hole and tie a knot on the underside of the loom.

Divide each piece of floss between the pie slices.

(This is the underside of the loom. Tape the knot down.)

This is how the front should look at this point. (You will have one blank pie slice.)

Keeping that blank spot facing you, and count up 3 to the left.

In this case, my 3rd to the left is this blue floss.

Pull it out and move it to the blank spot.

Rotate the blank spot to be in front of you again.

Count up 3 and pull that floss down the the blank spot again.

Continue repeating this step. That's it!

As you continue, pull the knot through the bottom so it's snug and re-tape it. Eventually, you will have your woven rope coming through the bottom.

Once you're done, pinch the end and pull it through the hole, then tie a knot to keep it in place.

 I'm loving these little woven ropes!
I have a feeling we may be coming home from our trip with quite the collection. :)

If you want to see how we're going to pack these bracelet kits, take a look {here}!

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