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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coffee Candles

Last night while my husband was doing a little work on the computer, I was perusing my phone.  Going to Pinterest, I was looking through some of my pins for dinner ideas.  As I was scrolling through, I chuckled to myself remembering when my sister Renae showed me Pinterest for the first time. I thought it was kind of cool and fun but I never thought I would really use it.  I would go through and pin a couple neat things--easy things-- yet I wouldn't make them.  Even a 3 ingredient recipe just 'sat on my wall'.   After a little nudging from my younger sister (yes, we older sisters have to admit sometimes that they are right :), I actually started USING it.  

An example of something that would have just sat there, just filling up one of my albums, is this adorable candle setup. The best part is I had everything here to make it.  Without Renae, my office would not be smelling like coffee right now!

After dumping out my tacks, rubber bands, and paperclips (which this did work great for), I washed up the white dishes.  Using the leftover coffee beans that I had, I filled them up. This is the second project I have done with these coffee beans.  To check out the first one, click HERE.  Making use of beans that just weren't my 'cup of tea'  (or should I say coffee ;) has proved to be productive.

Place a tea light in each container.  Light and ENJOY!

Excuse me while I go make myself some coffee! :)


Cute containers
Coffee beans
Tea lights
Lighter :) 


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves Pinterest now! ;)
    These are super cute!! And who doesn't love the smell of coffee?! (Did you use unscented or vanilla candles?)

  2. I never even thought to you use vanilla candles? Great idea!


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