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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fruit Medley Smoothie

I am apologizing in advance.  My photography is horrible and I am too impatient to edit all my pictures!  I will try to "prettify" them in the future but for now, please bear with me. :)

What I am posting today is similar to a past post of my sister Renae's.  She made the Naked Inspired "Green Machine" Smoothie.  I wanted to play with it a little bit because I am partial to berry smoothies. 

After freezing several kinds of fruit, I mix and match what I want to put in my cold treat that day.  This morning's concoction ended up being a Fruit Medley Smoothie!  Delicious!

5 pieces of frozen pineapple
Small handful of frozen blueberries
6 slices of frozen bananas
10 pieces of frozen strawberries (cut in quarters)
A layer of spinach
2 heaping T. of plain yogurt
Approximately 1/3 c. POM juice

Using my bullet, I can make individual smoothies. I love it.  Throw a bunch of yummy ingredients in, pop it on, blend, and remove.  Place the little rim protector on and your good to go!  So handy!

I have been freezing my fruit--which works great!  I have been slicing them and placing them on a cookie sheet, lined with aluminum foil, and putting it in the freezer until fruit is firm.  Remove and throw in bags.  At this point, my sister Renae, mixes the berries and places the appropriate amount of fruit in small bags so they are ready to go.  I want to do that but I only had quart size Ziploc bags.  Next time. :)

Excuse all the fingerprints on my blender! :P

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