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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creamy Veggie Cheese Bread

Our Mom has always been famous for the ability to throw some random ingredients together with no recipe and somehow it still tastes fabulous! Me??...not so much. So when I threw this together for a quick meal and it actually tasted pretty good...I even impressed myself! ;) It is now one that is often requested...especially by my oldest, Evan. His words, "Mom, can you please make this every day?" :) Although that is unlikely to ever happen, I do love this for a quick lunch! :)

Creamy Veggie Cheese Bread 

 Ingredient List: 
 1 loaf French bread 
1 medium green pepper 
1 medium or large onion 
8 oz fresh mushrooms 
6-8 oz cream cheese 
8 oz mozzarella cheese 
Olive oil, salt, and pepper

Step 1: Turn your oven to "broil". 

Step 2: Slice the french bread length-wise. Place face side down and place under broiler for 5 minutes or until lightly toasted. When toasted, flip over and toast other side. Remove from oven when all sides are lightly toasted.

Step 3: While the bread is toasting, thinly slice your green pepper, onions, and mushrooms. Saute them in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil on medium-high heat.

Step 4: Soften your cream cheese. I use 8 ounces. Six ounces would be sufficient but if you love cream cheese like me...use 8! :)

Step 5: Spread softened cream cheese evenly over the toasted bread .

Step 6: By now your veggies should be tender. Salt and pepper to taste.

Step 7: Arrange the sauted veggies on the bread.

Step 8: Top with mozzarella cheese.

Step 9: Return to the oven under the broiler. Remove when cheese is melted and starts to turn golden brown.

Step 10: Slice into wedges and enjoy! Tastes great served with a simple lettuce salad. 

*Note: This is also excellent as a pizza! Just omit the French bread (obviously :) and top a pre-baked pizza crust {for a quick, homemade crust, click here!} with the veggies and cheeses. Yumm-o!


  1. My godchild is a smart kid! That looks amazing!!

  2. Yum!! Even on a full stomach, this makes me hungry. :)


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