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Monday, January 7, 2013

All Natural Wood Polish

When my husband’s parents moved out of state, they gave away a lot of their belongings so that they didn’t have to take everything with them. Among the items we were given was a coffee table. I loved the dark, polished wood table. Unfortunately, it’s now nowhere near new and has been looking pretty dull & worn. It’s lost it’s shine and has acquired some scratches and scrapes with all that it’s been through.
With all the chemicals in store-bought cleaners nowadays, I like to experiment with making my own. Although I like not having to be worried about what I’m breathing in when I clean the sink, sometimes I miss the chemical-ladden cleaners that just smell fresh. The smell of Pine Sol takes me back to the days when I was little. My mom would prop my sisters and me on the counter and we would all chit chat while we dried the dishes and Mom mopped. We would have to stay on the counters so we didn’t track through the kitchen. I miss those days and I miss that smell.
I’ve tried many homemade cleaners. Some I really like, but it’s rare when I like both the cleaning power and the scent. Except this wood polish works well and has a light lemon scent. Our coffee table is nice and shiny again. This one is a keeper in my book.

How to do it:

Start with your oil.

Add lemon juice.

Add the water.

Cover and shake well before using.

1 part lemon juice (to pull out the dirt)
1 part olive oil (to moisturize)
1 part water (to dilute)
Mix all ingredients well.  (Be sure to use bottled lemon juice instead of fresh if you’re planning on storing this with your other cleaners.) 
Transfer to an old bottle to dab out on a soft rag, or use an old spray bottle. 
Be sure to shake well before each use.

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