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Friday, January 18, 2013

Easy Baby Quilt

I'm happy to report that my sister had a little boy this morning! I was talking to my mom after he was born and she was talking about needing to pick up a blanket for him. It got me thinking about this flannel fabric I had of little teddy bears and balloons. I decided to make a small blanket for the little one. I used the border technique that I used for my bordered fleece throw. When I was finishing up, I realized that, because I was using batting, I should have done the free-hand quilting first, then I should have done the border. If you do this, I would suggest doing it that way, but I will show you what I did anyway. Then you can see where I screwed up. Lol!

I started with my flannel piece, then cut out a piece of cotton fabric and batting about 2 inches smaller than the flannel fabric. Here is the blue cotton fabric and the batting.

Lay the flannel piece, right side down. Top it with the batting, then the blue fabric, right side up. (This is where you should probably pin it in place and free hand quilt it instead.)

Next, I folded in all 4 edges and pinned in place.

When you get to the corners, tuck the center down...

....fold one edge in...

...then lay it flat and pin in place. Sew all the way around.

Now is when I did the free hand quilting. I've been telling you to do that first because of the way it puckers and puffs in certain areas. (This is the back.)

(And here is the front.) At least it will be fluffy and cozy, right? 

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