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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Breastfeeding Cover Up

My oldest sister is expecting another baby soon! She always breastfeeds her babies, but is also very modest while doing it. She isn't one of those women that whip it out in public like it's no big deal. I'm all for doing it natural and giving the best to your baby, but there's a point when some women get too comfortable and let anyone who is around view the goods. Fortunately, my sister is one that likes to stay covered.
I know this cover isn't the cutest thing. (If I redo this project, I would take a soft, drapey material {cuter than the neutrals I have here} and cut it in a pattern similar to a circle skirt.) I don't really have any material on hand that drapes well and is nice and soft so I had to make do. I "borrowed" some of my husbands old tshirts because I liked the feel of them. I figured I would have to make them work for now.

I started with the tshirt that I wanted as the main color. It also was the softest.

 Cut the arms off and cut down the sides. Try to taper it while keeping the lines as straight as you can.

Take the next tshirt and cut down the sides and cut off the neckline.

Align the hem and pin in place. Work your way around the main shirt inserting the second shirt in the sides. When you come to the shoulder, round the corners. Zigzag stitch all the way around to clean up the edges. Repeat on the other side.

 When you're finished you should have a large cape-like cover up. Perfect for keeping your goods covered while feeding your baby.

*I apologize for the horrible pictures. My phone doesn't do well in the dark. Especially when I'm too tired to really care. Lol!

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