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Friday, January 25, 2013

Funky Bobby Pins

After seeing many people with super cute hairstyles using colored bobby pins, I decided to make some for my sister. She just had a birthday and she is now 14 years old! Crazy how fast time goes by! These are super easy and fun to customize. I'll show you what I did so that you can make some, too!

Start with your favorite colors of nail polish, some bobby pins, and 2 envelopes (or paper).

Fold your envelope in half length-wise and slide the bobby pins on. You can color either side of the bobby pins, but I chose to do the straight side. (Which is actually the correct way, believe it or not! I never wear them correctly...)

Start polishing your pins as desired. I did 1 thin coat, let it dry, added another coat and let it dry. Then, I added some crackle polish to a couple and some polka dots/stripes to others. Let them dry again.

Carefully transfer to your clean envelope and add a top coat. Let dry completely before wearing. (They smudged a little on the paper when I was transferring so they still look a little sloppy. Once you take them off the paper, they are smooth and even.) I'm not sure what I think about the two crackle ones on the far right. My favorite is the polka dot on the left! 


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