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Friday, August 9, 2013

How to Cut a Watermelon

If you know me at all, you know it doesn't take me long to devour an entire watermelon. I love them!! It just so happens that I married a man that is notorious for picking out the very best ones, too. I chose well. :)
He, seriously, is one of those guys that everyone looks at weirdly while he's bending over the cases of watermelons, picking and knocking on every melon. When he wants to surprise me, he comes home with a juicy watermelon.

A few summers ago, we were going through so many watermelons, that I knew I just had a find an easier way to cut them. I tested and tried all sorts of different ways, and this is definitely my favorite! Once you get used to the steps, you'll have a large watermelon cut {and in even-sized chunks!} in no time!

Slice your watermelon in half and set one half, face down, on your cutting board.

Beginning at the peak, gently slide a large knife down the side, following the angle of the melon.

Work your way all the way around.

Now go back over it and clean up all those little white spots.

Slice it in half {again}.

Lay one chunk on it's side, and discard the tip.

Slice evenly.

Taking 2 slices at a time, lay them on their sides, one on top of the other.
Cut long, even strips.

Turn them, and cut across again to cube the watermelon.
Repeat steps with the remaining melon.

Perfect! :)


  1. I have to try this. My watermelon cubes always look horrible!

  2. Tried it this past weekend. Worked great!

    1. Glad to hear it! I don't think I'll ever cut a watermelon any other way. :)


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