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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cleaning Your Cookie Sheets

As you have probably already realized, I kind of have a love for trash. Not real trash like the old french fries that you found under the back seat of your mini van last night, but trash that can be upcycled or revamped. I'm somewhat limited to my projects in our apartment, so I'm looking forward to the day that we can move to a house.  Preferably one with a garage or shop that I can use to attempt my crazy ideas. :)

As it is, I have to keep my trash-saving mindset to a minimum while we're still living here. However, I found one of these items this past weekend while garage saling with my sister-in-law that I just couldn't pass up. It was a cookie sheet that was on sale for $0.25! I only have one cookie sheet and have been wanting to get another. I decided to buy it and figure out how to clean it. It was pretty gross looking, but for only $0.25, I figured I wasn't losing much if I ended up having to toss it out.

I will share with you what I did to get it clean. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me. While scrubbing it clean with a smile on my face (I was getting pretty excited that it was working...), my husband teased me that I was weird for actually enjoying it. 

What you need:
baking soda
hydrogen peroxide
scrubby pads (not sure what they are actually called)
 & a nasty pan to clean :)

Fill a small bowl with some baking soda.

Add just enough hydrogen peroxide to create a paste.

Spread the paste on your pan and start scrubbing.

Now, I won't lie. This does take a bit of elbow grease. :)

Rinse, if needed.
{It's coming along nicely so far...}

Scrub again to get the remaining residue. 
Then, rinse, dry, and be happy. You're done. :)

**Here are some other posts we have for cleaning, if you're interested. :)


  1. Dang you Renae! :P I was going to do this one too! Although, I was going to use a scuzzy pan of my own...I didn't have to purchase one. LOL At least now I know it works!

    1. Haha! Were you really?! That's too funny. I actually have noticed that I'll be thinking of some things to post, then you or Sarah post something really similar, too. Sisters... :P

  2. No pan looks horrible so I was going to do this! On to the next thing.... ;P


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