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Monday, August 19, 2013

Vodka Gummi Bears

Monday came way too quickly this week. I spent the weekend just over the state line at my aunt's cabin. I haven't been there for about 15 years, and we had a wonderful "All Girls" weekend with my aunts and cousins. We spent our time relaxing by the lake, goofing off with 'Minute to Win It' games, gambling at the local casino, and enjoying the time to reconnect & catch up with everyone that could make it. It was so much fun, and I really wasn't looking forward to leaving!

During our time there, we may have also had a few cocktails. :) The subject of vodka gummi bears came up in conversation, and we decided to go ahead and make them. I had tried making them at my sister-in-law's house a couple times before, so I had an idea of what to do.

large bag gummi bears (my bag was 1 lb. 2 oz.)
about 1 1/2 shots of your favorite vodka


Spread the bears on a rimmed plate.

Get your vodka ready.
(Use only 1 shot if you don't want a lot of "vodka flavor". Use more if you want them stronger.)

Pour the vodka on top and stir until evenly distributed.

Let rest for about 45 minutes exactly, stirring occasionally, then eat 'em up!
{They need that time to soak up the vodka, but letting them sit too long will cause them to be very sticky.}

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