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Friday, August 23, 2013

Shoe Storage!

This is something so simple I am almost embarrassed to share it!  The only reason I am sharing it is because, as simple as it is, I never would have thought of it had my mother in law not told me that this is how she stores her shoes!  It has been very handy for me!!

When moving to a duplex versus a single family home, we gave up a lot of storage.  I will admit, having a substantial amount of storage was a challenge in and of itself.  You can ask all my family members who received "random stuff" when we moved out of state.  I thought it was all necessary to hold on to.   Although I have improved on keeping only what is necessary, I still do miss my storage.  

Here is a little tip that I use for storing my shoes--Walmart storage containers!  It is not ideal to have next to the pillowcases but, because they are so neatly contained, I feel a little better about it.  Things you do until you move into a different house. 

All that's needed:  Walmart storage containers. 

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